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Kids Activity Craft Boxes

Kids Activity Boxes

Nothing gives you greater pleasure then seeing your little ones have fun whilst learning.  It’s often hard to find the right balance between the 2 so as to avoid boredom or frustration. This is why our kids activity boxes are designed to do both equally as well. These are sent out monthly using a subscription service direct to your door.  They are packed with letters, crafts, cooking and colouring tasks, all designed to educate whilst they have fun.

Prices start from just £11 per month and we also ship worldwide.  They are designed to educate about all things worldwide and teach your children about the globe and all the fascinating and interesting places in the world.  kids activity craft boxesThey can learn about cultures, how people live and try new recipes too. It’s simple to get started with our kids activity boxes, just choose their adventure, select the duration of subscription, be it 1 month, 6 months or 12 months then tell us the mini adventurers name so we can personalise their content. You can then write a gift message for them too to read when they open the parcel.

Once all this is complete then we can start creating their fantastic content.  We take inspiration from the early years foundation stages and key stages 1 and 2 national curriculum, so they learn whilst having fun. You can read plenty of reviews from many happy customers on our website.  Why not follow us on Instagram and see the many pictures of happy children in play with our kids activity boxes which are filled with content they will love.

We always include mixed activities that help to inspire independent and create play. They include fun ideas and enable your little one to go on a great adventure whilst still at home.  If you take out a subscription then the joy of knowing the parcel is being delivered will give your child a sense of excitement, especially as it’s the same date every month so it’s something both you and your little one can look forward to.

Each month the content is unique and is based on a new place in the world. All the content including any letters is personalised with your child’s name.  Our kids activity boxes are created in such a way that both you and your little one can spend time together and enjoy the contents.

Kids Craft Boxes

We know how important it is to spend quality time with your children, especially when learning and being creative in a fun way. This is just one of the reasons why we created our highly educational and fun kids craft boxes, available as a one off or as a monthly subscription.  To see exactly what’s inside each box just click on the link in the menu at the top and watch the video of an unpacking. You will see every inch of the contents is taken up by educational and fun content. Each month the box and its contents explore a new country, with fun facts and letters as well as recipes all related to that country.

kids craft boxesWe send out the new kids craft boxes every month on the same date so your child has a date they can get excited about, the parcel will come to them in their name and all contents will be personalised to their name too.  The contents aren’t just letters or colouring there are many small gifts such as pouches they can use on a daily basis or stickers, pens and more. You can choose a monthly subscription or maybe go for the longer 6 months or 12 months option.  Each month with unique and new content and things to do and inspire your little ones.

If your 2 children share the kids craft boxes, we can do this and we can still personalise the contents so it includes both children’s names. We can ship worldwide too should you wish to order from another country.  If you home educate, we can offer a discount of 15% from our 6 and 12 months subscriptions as we respect what you do and know the challenges it can sometimes bring.

We have kids craft boxes for every budget, and you can cancel your subscription at any time too.  Each month you and your little ones can go on an exciting adventure together. Watch our video to see what’s inside the box.  Little ones of all ages can enjoy and learn whilst having fun. Get started and order your first kids craft boxes today and make sure you personalise the contents with your child’s name for added excitement.