Christmas Around the World

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated around the world?!

Spend Christmas with new friends in Japan, Spain, New Zealand, America and Germany and learn about their fun and festive traditions!

Christmas Items can be delivered early December!

 Our Christmas Box includes:

5 letters from friends around the world  ✔ 

3 Country-themed craft activities  ✔ 

2 Recipe Cards to make authentic Christmas recipes ✔  

All packaged in our fun and 'colourable' Christmas boxes!

RRP: £19.95

 Christmas Letters

Five beautifully written letters from children around the world. Teaching your little one about the Christmas traditions that are special to them! 

Our Letters combine the cultural, religious and secular aspects of Christmas with a positive message throughout of spreading love and joy during this special time of year.

Perfect in the run-up to Christmas or for chill-out times during the Christmas break.